Earning money while doing what you love is the best job.

What drives passion for a career and dedication to a job? Find out through the Our World video series where exciting, fast-paced stories reveal secrets to success.

E p i s o d e   I n d e x

  • Bicycle Design

    Bicycle Design

    Meet the dedicated designers who spend all day, every day thinking about & riding bicycles.

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  • Flight Simulation

    Flight Simulation

    Pilots & astronauts rock & roll in flight simulators – watch them fly!

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  • Designing Motion

    Designing Motion

    Witness the building of cutting edge technology used to train fighter pilots & astronauts.

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  • Artificial Heart Science

    Artificial Heart Science

    Meet the pioneering biomedical engineer behind the world’s only approved Total Artificial Heart.

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  • Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical Engineering

    Science + compassion = Patients who are like family.

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  • Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging

    Look inside the human body without ever breaking the skin.

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  • Precision Manufacturing

    Precision Manufacturing

    Discover how machinists create products ranging from bone screws to racing car components.

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  • Auto Racing

    Auto Racing

    It takes more than just the driver to win a competitive race. Meet the team!

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  • Heart Science (Extended Version)

    Heart Science (Extended Version)

    Feel the passion as engineers, doctors & technicians combine a love of science & people with the latest cutting edge technology to create a new heart.

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  • Racing Teams (Extended Version)

    Racing Teams (Extended Version)

    Sit in the driver's seat as you play a 180 mph game of chess

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