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Author: Yosef Melgar

Five techniques you can try so your Instagram post becomes viral ?>

Five techniques you can try so your Instagram post becomes viral

madiba-instagramWhile everyone seems to have an Instagram profile these days, not everyone becomes a viral Instagram user. The secrets of creating viral posts on Instagram have eluded a lo of people. Most of all internet marketers. Creating viral posts on Instagram, and other similar kinds of social media websites are important for a lot of reasons. Through a viral post, a marketing campaign can become successful, because they will have reached a large audience. That is only one of the reasons why being viral is so important.

Viral Instagram posts can reach tens of millions of users. That potential reach with so many people has made being viral an important commodity in today’s internet marketing world. If you are an internet marketer or just a plain average everyday Instagram user, then you too can achieve viral status! And by viral status, I mean the good kind and not the infamous negative internet being viral. If you want to achieve that kind of viral status on Instagram, then there is no need to try so hard. You can just follow the tips that we have given out below to create a nice viral Instagram post.

First impressions count, so work on your bio, profile pic, and username.

The first thing people see when they check out your Instagram page is your profile pic, username, and bio. So these elements of your profile page should make a good first impression. If you want your profile to become viral, then choose an Instagram username that is easy to remember. And your profile pic should also draw people in immediately when they see it. A profile pic should look attractive, so try and upload a beautiful picture for your profile picture.

Curate an Instagram feed that is nice to look at.

One thing that draws people into specific Instagram pages is the feed of that specific Instagram page. If you want to gain a huge number of followers and become a viral Instagram user, then you should curate an attractive Instagram feed.

One way you can do this is by sticking to one related theme or topic throughout your feed.

Another way you can do this is by uploading only good pictures. You should edit your pictures before you post them.

Make use of the right kind of hashtags.

Hashtags are very important if you want your posts on Instagram to go viral. Hashtags can allow more people to see your post and the more people who see your post, the more chances of it going viral.

You should use popular hashtags that are relevant to your post, and you should also use hashtags and post images during peak hours of Instagram user activity, to maximize the amount of people who see it.

Try and collaborate with bigger Instagram users.

a24d73a1-ecc2-456c-be59-3105dd4328d6-728-600x247Nothing is better than a ringing endorsement from another famous Instagram user. Collaboration or endorsement by another user will do wonders for the notoriety and fame of your Instagram page. So plan a collaboration with a more famous Instagram user, if you want to go viral.

Viral status can be yours if you just follow these tips. These tips and methods have to be executed perfectly if you want to become viral. So do not become discouraged if you do not achieve viral status on your first try, just keep trying! You have to be patient, even in the fast-paced world of the internet. While it seems that everything is instant on Instagram, being viral and Instagram tame take the time to cultivate. So you have to put in the time if you want to become viral on Instagram.